Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sturgeon & Harvest Full Moon Rituals with Sage Goddess

So for the past couple months I have been taking part in these Full Moon rituals courtesy of Sage Goddess. My good friend Dena Miller invited me to my first one this past August (the 10th), to celebrate the Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius.  This full moon is ideal when trying to manifest abundance in your life, and going through a transformational stage, letting go of any of those fears that you may have in your life, in order to become a more abundant version of your former self.

Athena (Sage Goddess) has you light your candles, white sage, cleansing your space of any negativity.  She usually sells a ritual kit on her etsy boutique (they are pretty pricey at about $70 a pop), I mean it does come with some very beautiful goodies, including a candle with beautiful original artwork, a crystal set geared toward the purpose of the ritual, and also an anointing perfume oil, but if you are on a budget as am I, then don't be discouraged from listening in and just being present in the moment with her guided meditation.  You really don't NEED tools, you just need your visualization and the magic of the beautiful full moon.

She calls the quarters, our directional elements (North, Earth; East, Air; South, Fire; West, Water) for guidance and protection during the meditation.  At this point she has you do some deep breathing and then has you ask your elders and spirit guides to join you on your meditative journey.  They should provide you with the answers that you seek, to help you get on the right path in your journey of finding yourself. In this specific meditation, she had you arrive in a magical forest and happen upon a river.  She has you acknowledge the texture, the temperature, the sounds, the visuals of all of your surroundings.  She has you meet your elders & spirit guides upon the shore as they pick you up in a boat. She even mentions to acknowledge any animals you may have lost.  I thought of my dog Scout and my grandparents, and Nana all meeting me here... During this boat ride you can ask them questions that you wish to get answers to.  She has them deliver a word to you as well. After you go on this journey with your guides, they bring you back to shore, and you come back to the real world and become grounded again.

It really was a beautiful meditation, and I feel like I did connect in a sense.  I feel like when you cry, that emotional release alone is connection to spirit. I do have trouble with visualization, which I definitely am trying to work on.  But I did emotionally connect even though I did not feel like I received any valid messages from spirit.  I had no tangible messages to take away with me, from this meditation, but I did emotionally release, so that to me was enough... especially since I am a bit rusty and have closed myself off to any form of spiritual practice for the past 15 years or so.

To top all that off, I charged my crystals under the moon for the first time ever.  I had found a handful of random stones in a potted plant downstairs in my house.  I am not sure how long those stones have been in that plant, I am pretty sure my mom put them there ages ago... but I thought they would serve a better purpose if I took them out, cleaned them off, and actually put them to use.  So that's what I did.
Then I admired the beautiful moon for about an hour with my binoculars.  I really would love a telescope... the night sky is so amazing... It's amazing, and it's very scary... to think we're the only ones living in the whole universe, among the millions of galaxies out there, is a very very ignorant thing to assume.

Anyway not to get too off topic here, but I'd like to talk a little bit more about the Harvest Full Moon which had just passed last night (September 9). I was a bit more prepared for this one.  I had my new Joie de Vie Tarot Deck, which I had cleansed last week, which I might do a separate post about. Anyway, I laid out my Strength card in the center of all of my stones.  I used my rainbow moonstones for clarity and enhancement of intuition during the full moon, my tiger's eye for protection, my small amethyst point which encourages inner strength, and my citrine for healing and protection.  I put them in a little circle around the card as she talked a bit in the beginning about the meditation she was about the take us through.

As prepared as I was for this, I still feel like I was way distracted to stay completely focused during this.  I didn't connect on an emotional level like I did with the first meditation she took me through during the Sturgeon moon.  I felt very fidgety, often getting up to go find another stone, or another candle, or this or that. As prepared as I was with all of my tools, I wasn't prepared mentally or spiritually to get me into that zone of complete vulnerability. I felt like I had my guard up during a lot of this.  I did some of the solar plexus exercises with the breathing that she had us do, but I feel like I wasn't fully able to tune out the amount of stuff I have on my plate this month.

In this meditation she had us meet our elders in a beautiful garden as we came to a well.  We were to look over the edge of this well to see it full of water... We were then asked to visualize what we saw inside.. for some reason I heard the word "Rainbow" come to me. I am not sure what that means, but I am going to look into it.  We were then told to take some of the water from the well, to FEEL it in your hands, and to picture all of the things that your elders and guides have infused this water with, whatever it is that you need healing with...we were then told to visualize tasting this water, drinking in all of its healing powers. Then we held our crystals in one hand and covered with the other hand as if we were holding them in this magically infused water, charging them to vibrate at their highest. I did this meditation and I felt like I was in a daze for some of it.  I'm not sure if I connected completely, I did not FEEL any sort of shifts or surges of energy... I really do think I was not in the right state of mine to fully let my imagination run with it... After the meditation, she talked a bit about the upcoming October Full Moon Ritual where she will help us "Cross the Veil" and communicate with our ancestors which would be super spooky and magical with Halloween right around the corner.  I hope I can attend that one, we shall see.... After this ritual, I once again laid out my stones to bathe in the not so moonlit sky, for New Jersey had decided to cast a cloud filled sky last night.  I was so disappointed I wouldn't get to enjoy the beauty of this Full Moon, but I put my crystals out just the same, because the clouds have no effect on the pull of the moon. The moon vibrates and pulls the earth just the same, so I put my crystals and my dreamcatchers out to charge anyway.

So back to my not being able to focus this meditation, I told my brother about this, since he is a highly spiritual person (he's been getting guidance from a spiritual healer lately.)  I told him about my difficulty with the meditation and focus, and he told me I need Chakra healing, and that he did some Chakra healing on himself before he did his own Full Moon Ritual.  I said Oh, well how do you do that... He said, "There's a phone app for that"...

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